Visual Art 
Goodbye Earth.
An exploration into the colonization of Mars.
Wallace Gallery Morrinsville, July, 2019

With climate change becoming increasingly concerning, the future of earth and human existence as we know it is destined to change in dramatic ways. Mars exploration and the idea of colonizing the red planet are no longer considered science fiction as more thought and investigation is going into this concept.


It’s interesting to think that the last wave of colonization here on Earth is still relatively recent, especially for us in New Zealand, but also with the settlements of Europeans to America and Australia. Specifically with these three new-world countries there are still so many symbols of colonialism. The result of populating and reshaping these new lands and cultures is certainly being felt. Having lived in these three countries for extended periods, I find these colonial remnants a point of inspiration. 


Upon conceiving of this exhibition I wanted to take these ideas into account and consider them in an interplanetary context. How do we conquer a new land as a global enterprise, peacefully, intelligently and sustainably?  What conflicts will arise, how do we police a new territory and how will the relationship between Man and A.I play out in this future civilization? Download full text.

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