Visual Art 
Game Of Life Exhibition
Laree Payne Gallery, Hamilton, NZ, June 2018

"Splintered lines and black holes can be found throughout the exhibition, evidencing pressure, weight, and wear that occurs over time. Bemodern plays with this imagery throughout the works. In Shadow of a doubt the pawn sits perched just to the left of an ominous black shape – is it a shadow or a hole? The orange pawn who stares down the tunnel takes the form of both artist and viewer, whilst simultaneously appearing rooted to the space in road-cone-orange hues. Throughout the works, Bemodern negotiates ideas of safety and risk, and success and failure. Humanity is depicted as a pawn, insisting that we are all somewhat the same, and that luck is an irrefutable factor." - Laree Payne, Exhibition Text, Laree Payne Gallery 

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