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Visual Art 
Collection I, Brooklyn, NY, 2015/2016

Each of these paintings serve as an individual vignette, collectively creating a mosaic interpretation of the artist's life in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy neighborhood. Narratives include observations on the streets, interactions with the community, personal interior space & routine, along with the on-going issue of gentrification.


Visual references are taken from sensory experiences on the streets, especially in regards to design, architecture, fashion and music in a contemporary and historical context. These are portrayed through slogans, pattern, logotypes and color. The 'tear' motif has been adopted for several reasons. Firstly as an aesthetic nod to New York City's subway posters, often seen torn in the composition to reveal the many layers underneath. This is a prefect metaphor for the neighborhood and the city at large, one of patina, change and narrative. This results as a frame to combine the old and new to create something original. This device stitches the collection together.

© 2019 Paul Darragh // BEMODERN

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